Sewing v. welding straps



Sewing v. welding straps




I’m interested to hear opinions, experiences, and recommendations for the following situation:

My lab mostly stocks premade straps for our pediatric AFOs. This works for the vast majority of our designs and needs. We do occasionally want to fabricate a custom strap or reinforce a strap.

Sewing machines are great to have, but lab space is tight, and I’ve managed without one for a few years now.

To get to the question - I’ve been looking at some machines and want to know what people are using. We would only be sewing the occasional Dacron-backed nylon strap or custom nylon strap.

I would like to minimize the amount of floor space taken up, and wondered what sewing machines people are using when limited with space and never needing to sew through leather.

Second thought - I worked for a company that had a strap welder as a resident, and it was pretty awesome. Does anyone in the list serve community know of a compact option that would meet the needs of an O&P professional at a reasonable price?

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences with either set-up. Thanks in advance.

Regards & Aloha,
-Cameron Lehrer, CPO, FAAOP

Honolulu, HI



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